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Lucas Clearvision Fladblade wiperblades

Item numbers:
LLWFB15 15″/380mm
LLWFB16 16″/410mm
LLWFB17 17″/430mm
LLWFB18 18″/450mm
LLWFB19 19″/480mm
LLWFB20 20″/510mm
LLWFB21 21″/530mm
LLWFB22 22″/550mm
LLWFB22 23″/580mm
LLWFB24 24″/610mm
LLWFB26 26″/650mm
LLWFB28 28″/700mm


Lucas wiperblades - with spoiler

Item numbers: LLWCS16 16″/410mm LLWCS18 18″/450mm LLWCS19 19″/480mm LLWCS20 20″/510mm LLWCS21 21″/530mm LLWCS22 22″/550mm LLWCS23 23″/580mm LLWCS24 24″/610mm LLWCS26 26″/650mm
lucas-no-spoiler Lucas wiperblades – without spoiler Item numbers: LLWCB11 11″/280mm LLWCB13 13″/330mm LLWCB14 14″/350mm LLWCB15 15″/380mm LLWCB16 16″/410mm LLWCB17 17″/430mm LLWCB18 18″/450mm LLWCB19 19″/480mm LLWCB20 20″/510mm LLWCB21 21″/530mm LLWCB22 22″/550mm LLWCB23 23″/580mm LLWCB24 24″/610mm LLWCB26 26″/650mm LLWCB28 28″/700mm

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