Special Lighting Hungary Ltd was founded in 2001 with the current owners.

The 100% Hungarian-owned enterprise’s first( but still the most dominant) domestic sales comes from the product range Narva.

As the so-called „lamp-boys” we have quickly adopted to the domestic market’s demands. In the course of persistent assortment expansion, we have started to distribute more auto bulbs and general car accessories.

By means of our continuous market share growth in motor vehicle light bulb distribution, now we have become an important factor. We are welcoming our costumers with hundreds of thousands of continuously growing stock. Along with the European, we also offer Japanese, American bulbs, as well as special bulbs for motorcycles, trucks, machinery, and miniature bulbs. 
The year 2005 was determining in the export field.  We won the supplying of Narva, Philips, Opel spare bulb kit box, which is, until this day completed accurately, advertising the hungarian manufacturer’s  high performance.

We are exclusive distributors of Narva, Lucas, Philips, Elta, Ride Bright light bulbs and accessories. 90% of our products are imported or customised prodution.

Since 2010 we are the solely distributor of the environmentally friendly Purgator windshield washer tab, not only in Hungary, but in the Czeck Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Romania. Our products are sold by distributers all over the country as well as in fuel stations, and hypermarkets.

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