Why do we have to pay attention when distributing high watt bulbs?

We have met several unpleasant questions this year, regarding this topic, so I thought I sincerely profess, hoping, that we, together will be able to solve these issues with the responsibile quarters.

Everyone knows I beleive, that aside from the standard (STD) bulbs, the demand is notable for high watt bulbs (so called heavy bulbs) as well.  But the thing is; we cannot sell these bulbs just “la-la”, as we used to (oh good old days!) but we have to sell it under the magnifying glass of  the authorities.

The point is: We must label these bulbs (like H4 100/90W, H1 100W etc.) with “use only in closed field, with no public trafic. Certainly, our producers do not label the bulbs, therefor WE must do it, which is,  sometimes not an easy job to do.

To draw things accurately: the only thing they (producers) are willing to label on the bulbs are: “NOT FOR EU”. But that is not enough for the domestic authorities! The heck with the Narva, Philips, Lucas or Elta – the largest manufacturers – they say, they know the EU regulations way better! And those regulations has to be followed!


All of our bulbs arrive in original cartridges/boxes, so we have to open each and every one of them, to put a “cute little” label on each, which is barely readable, because the letters are too small, because the bulb is too small.

But still: we have to do it. This “manoeuvre” costs man-power and time. And this manoeuvre causes, of course, that our costumers receive these bulbs not in the original packing.

Then comes the righteous question: What are these guys do with these bulbs? They must do something tricky.. So once and for all: No we don’t. We simply, do what we forced to, for your and for our sakes too, to meet with the useless hungarian regulations.

Thus, we ask our partners and costumers some patience, we do what we have to, to avoid the bothersome actions of the authorities.


Zoltán Gáspár
Special Lighting Hungary

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